3 Days Left To Unleash The Battle of God vs Man: Batman Vs Superman Movie

Batman vs Superman Movie review and ratings 2016
Batman vs Superman Movie review and ratings 2016

3 Days Left To Unleash The Battle of God vs Man: Batman Vs Superman Movie

Batman Vs Superman Movie 2016!

Batman vs Superman Movie 2016
Batman vs Superman Movie 2016

Excitement bubble pops out larger than life to anticipate the much awaited superhero release distributed by DC Comics “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” this Friday, 25th March. A sequel to blockbuster “Superman: Man of Steel” which garnered positive reviews universally for portraying the superhero in the best reboot version ever. The sequel not just surprises everyone by incorporating the new masculine & buff Batman but too introduces 2 never seen before superhero characters.

Watch The Official Trailer of Batman Vs Superman in HD Below:

Well, Zack Synder (the director of) Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is a sheer genius filmmaker, screenwriter who thought of renewing the batman character instead of the older one (In Dark Knight series), to depict the equilibrium between the 2 powerful characters in the movie. Even the response of the initial trailer generated much hype amongst youngsters, and later multiple super bowl trailers hinting new character Wonder Women won the viewers heart. This mammoth scale budget of $ 250 million is expected to gross $ 1 billion lifetime business according to the trade analysts.

DC Comics seems to inch closer towards the footsteps of gigantic Marvel Comics featuring tone’s of superheroes, though both striving hard to save the mankind from the extraterrestrial evil powers existing within the universe. Neither DC Comics nor Marvel Comics could be compared in terms of storyline, backdrop of characters, stunning visuals, jaw-dropping fights especially the conversion of comics to a celluloid story. Both worlds possess a common entity i.e saving the planet earth from any collateral or external damage. Fantasy characters like Superman, Batman, and Flash, Wonder women, etc have always intrigued our childhood hobbies in the most overwhelming way. Those golden days were epic when our instincts propel us to imitate either magic spell or any action moves, the hilarious part occurs when 70% of the kids learned English faster than their school books.

2016 perhaps referred as the best year for the cinema-goers since movies of similar genres are lined up to release one after the other namely Dead pool, Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, Captain America : Civil War, X – Men : Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange. Personally, I think the calendar list is by far the best in history & might shatter box office records.


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