Apple iPhone SE Price, Specifications, Sale and Preorder

Apple IPhone SE
Apple IPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE Price, Specifications, Sale and Preorder

Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone SE

Apple launched its new iPhone in the Apple Loop Event on March 21. The name of this iPhone is iPhone SE. This time, Apple has put more efforts on the renewable resources and has taken further steps to use renewable resources. So, Apple has changed their logo to show that they are working on preserving planet’s resources. The first step they have taken is to reuse the iPhone they get back.

Now, about the iPhone SE, this iPhone is much faster and better than the iPhone 5S. This iPhone SE is an improvised version of iPhone 5S. The iPhone SE has got a 4 inch display which makes it the best phone in the 4 inch smartphone segment.

Apple IPhone SE
Apple IPhone SE

Reasons to buy iPhone SE

There are probably two reasons that why one should buy an iPhone SE.

  1. Most of the people love compact smartphones. And the 4 inch iPhone 5s is the most loved iPhone till now.
  2. When an android user switches to iOS the user prefers to buy a 4 inch iPhone.

Apple iPhone SE specifications

The iPhone SE is definitely much faster than iPhone 5S. The heart of this iPhone is 64 bit A9 chip which makes it faster than the iPhone 5S. It has embedded M9 motion coprocessor. This means that the processing speed of iPhone SE is equal to iPhone 6s which is 2 times faster than iPhone 5s. The graphics performance or the GPU performance of the iPhone SE is equal to iPhone 6s which is 3 times faster than iPhone 5s. The M9 coprocessor is always on this iPhone which not enables you to track your movements but also allows you to use “Hey Siri”.

The battery life of the iPhone SE is also increased as compared to iPhone 5S. The camera of this iPhone SE is the most advanced camera because people love to take pictures with their iPhone.This iPhone has a 12 Megapixel iSight camera with Focus Pixels and True Tone Flash. It has also got the new image signal processor that enables many interesting features like Panorama which is upto 63 megapixels. It has also improved the quality of the video, photo, slo-mo and many more. This iPhone can also take live photos. The front camera of this iPhone has a retina flash. What this retina flash does that whenever you take a selfie the display will get 3 times brighter than the normal display to get your picture more clear and brighter even in low light. This iPhone can capture upto 4K video. This iPhone has the LTE speed upto 150 Mbps which is 50% faster than iPhone 5s. Apple has also added more LTE bands for better global roaming. It has also got high fidelity sound quality with voice over LTE. iPhone SE has also got high speed Wi-Fi which is 802.11ac which is 3 times faster than iPhone 5s and the Wi-Fi calling quality is also increased. The touch id is available in this iPhone. The apple pay is also given in this iPhone which enables you to make easy and secure payments. For this better and secure payment, Apple has added an NFC radio and a secure element inside the iPhone SE. This iPhone is also environmental friendly. This iPhone has got a Mercury free LED-Backlit display. It has arsenic free display glass. It is BFR free. It is beryllium free. It is PVC free. The material used in this iPhone is recyclable aluminium. The Bluetooth technology is also available in the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE has the most advanced technology which makes it the most powerful 4 inch smartphone.

Apple iPhone SE features

12 MP Camera                                   Improved Batter Life                                      Focus Pixel

A9 64 bit chipset                               Faster LTE                                                        Retina Flash

Bluetooth                                            Voice over LTE                                                 Live Photos

ApplePay                                             Wi-Fi calling                                                     63 MP Panoramas

Always on “Hey-Siri”                        iOS 9.3                                                                4K video

100p upto 60fs                                   slo-mo upto 240fs                                             New microphones

Apple iPhone SE Price

The iPhone SE is available in two versions. The first version is with 16 GB internal memory. The second version is with 64 GB internal memory.

  • Price of 16 GB internal memory is $399
  • Price of 64 GB internal memory is $499

If you are on a two years subsidized contract, then you will get an iPhone SE for free.

EMI for 16 GB internal Memory is $17 per month for 24 months

The orders for the iPhone SE will begin from 24th of this month i.e. 24th March 2016. It will be available till March 31.

Shipment, Availability, Sale and Preorder of iPhone SE

These are the countries that will get the first stock of iPhone SE.

Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States.

The pre-orders of iPhone SE will start from March 24, 2016, and will go on sale on from 31st March 2016

The iPhone SE will be available in more than 110 countries by the end of May.

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