A seemingly contradictory statement of Apple News and IOS 9 Ad Blocking

iOS 9 and iphone 6s
iOS 9 and iphone 6s

A seemingly contradictory statement of Apple News and IOS 9 Ad Blocking

The Apple Corporation wants to make the web experience of their mobile users better. The users of the apple smartphones want it to be fast. They want it to be smooth. They want it to be pretty. They want it to be streamlined.

Apple revealed the demo of its latest operating system IOS 9 on the iPhone event. With this operating system IOS 9 the users of the Apple smartphone will see two updates that will be of much importance for the news publishers and news readers. These two updates will be Apple news and support for the Ad Blocking on the new operating system IOS 9.

These new addition seems to be a contradictory statement. In this operating system IOS 9, app developer will be able to create an app that will block the ads which were shown while using the mobile browsers. This could be a major setback for the publishers that depend on online ad. Wired will be an official Apple News Launch Partner.

“At some point, ad-blockers will have a negative impact on publishers, because they won’t be able to monetize their mobile websites as well,” said Ken Harlan, the chief executive office of the mobile ad company Mobile Fuse. He also said, “Obviously, Apple’s hope is that more consumers will shift to just using apps, instead of Safari or the mobile web.” Like the websites on the internet, the Apple will review all the apps, this will result into ending up in the App Store of the Apple and will get the share of ads in the IOS apps that will be sold by the Apple with its service called iAd.

Both of these updates on the IOS 9 will tremendously increase the pressure on the publishers as more and more users will continue to block the ad with this update which will encourage the publishers to spread their content to as many places as possible. Now if the users want to read the news on their smartphones whichever the topic of the news be, Apple will make sure that the users will get it. Apple has its very own solution for this problem.

Clean up

As Ad blocking is very popular and its popularity is increasing day by day among the users, and Apple has officially sanctioning the blocking of Ads in IOS 9, it will allow the users to follow the trend. The report published by Adobe and Page fair showed that there are about 198 million active Ad block users worldwide which is costing $22 billion to publishers. Publishers depend on the Ads, whether it is a small website or large website. So, by blocking the Ads will make it harder for the publishers to survive in the market. It is still not known to us how easy will be for the users to block Ads in the IOS 9 but the users on the internet will also have a choice to block Ads.

Free, Open, Democratic or Not

Now with this Ad blocking, Apple will be offering a chance to the publishers. The publishers have to give 30% of the Ad revenue to the company and Apple will allow them to publish Ads. But the Ads will be controlled by the company itself. This seems like a fair bargain. As the Ads will also be published and the readers will also not face any problems regarding their web experience and the publishers will not be suffering and Apple will be in profit.

So, it seems like the launch of IOS 9 will be a good profit for the Apple. Hope the launch of IOS 9 will be useful for the smartphone users as well as Apple and publishers too.

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With The IOS 9, iPhone 6s is also about to launch and most probably tomorrow (9th September iPhone 6s launch)

Article by: Suraj (SITS,Pune)

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