Baaghi Movie review 2016 and IMDb Ratings

Baaghi Movie review 2016
Baaghi Movie review 2016 and IMDb Ratings.

Baaghi Movie review 2016 and IMDb Ratings

Baaghi proves that Tiger Shroff is the Indian version of Jackie Chan

Just when moviegoers were praising SRK’s dual role in Fan, another action movie emerged as a killing spree machine on 29th April, 2016. Baaghi knocked box office numbers by ranking 3rd highest opener of this year & collected 11 crore on Friday. His debut movie, Heropanti collected 6 crore on day 1 taking its 3 days weekend to 38 crores on mammoth note.

Baaghi Movie review 2016
Baaghi Movie review 2016 and IMDb Ratings.

Baaghi Movie 2016 review !

Baaghi Movie 2016 Plot :

The chirpy & bubbly Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) is kidnapped by ruthless & antagonist Raghav (Sudheer Babu) accompanied by his robustly goons flying all over to Bangkok. Rebellious & pure hearted Ronny (Tiger Shroff) lover of Sia, become restless after hearing all this from Sia’s cunning & hilarious father P.P Khurrana (Sunil Grover). Flashback unravels when Ronny met Sia for the 1st time while travelling down to Kerela at his father’s friend martial arts academy.

Raghav, also a champion in martial arts (Kalaripayattu), gets obsessed by Sia & plans to marry her even convincing her father under the influence of money & masculine power. On the contrary, Ronny’s guruji motivates him to become a rebel with a purpose by making him trained like a martial artist. In the meantime, Raghav food poisoned Guruji (also his father) whereas Ronny decided to abandon Sia due to misunderstandings. Sudden twist arises when Raghav & his goons had a tough face off with Ronny to separate him from Sia.  Heavy duty fights exchanged between Ronny & Raghav wrapping the interval in an exciting yet fast pace.

Post interval opens up with Ronny travelling to Bangkok to rescue his beloved Sia amidst threat, danger, Raghav’s world. Realizing the long network of Raghav associated with the professional killers, Ronny infiltrates in the network by attacking dozens of his trained goons in a road chase. Later, Raghav in a disguise of doctor rescues Sia at a hospital & both abscond away in a pursuit of going back to India. Destiny has its take, when Raghav caught both of them romancing and managed to shoot Ronny in shock. The love of Sia & Ronny correlates with the rain making his furious comeback, but a huge challenge is confronted. Why it’s said that none can kill Raghav? Will Ronny win Sia over Raghav once again? Who will survive at the end?

Baaghi Movie 2016  Direction :

Sabbir Khan, who helmed ‘Heropanti’ has gone one step ahead with Baaghi. Every scene gets unwrapped with emotions, involved with characters, adds freshness to the cinematic experience. Even the realism of fight scenes are entirely different unlike any other hindi action movie. The director’ hard work gets reflected in the storyline.

Cinematography : Freshness in every scene is credited to Binod Pradhan  for exhilarating visuals. Like never seen before, Kerela & Bangkok were shot in the beautiful spectrum especially the locations of the songs escalated the romantic aspect of the film.

Editing : Manan Sagar who edit down the movie in 2 hr & 10 minutes. The pre interval part kept the audience interest entertaining & engaging while the post interval was solely meant for high octane, gravity defying stunts which gives immense satisfaction to me at the end.

Characters : Tiger Shroff as Ronny is truly a rebellious fighter who not only impresses us with action moves but, amazes us with his emotional scenes too. Shraddha Kapoor as Sia represents a lively yet chirpy girl who stuns the audiences with her kick ass fight scenes. She charms us the most during the songs. Sudheer Babu as Raghav, resembles a ruthless, psychotic & powerful villain who surely receives a thumbs up for his debut in Bollywood. Sunil Grover as P.P Khurrana makes our funny bone tickles in few scenes, he reveals his grey side as well.

Conclusion : Baaghi is a complete package if you love action & Tiger Shroff. Don’t go by the  critic reviews to spoil your mood if you have already planned to enjoy this weekend. The movie promises more than what it’s shown in the trailers, dialogues, sneak peak on Youtube. Tiger Shroff will blow away your mind if you loved his earlier Heropanti.

Watch The Trailer of Baaghi Movie 2016:

Baaghi Movie 2016 Our Ratings : 3.5 out of 5 stars

Baaghi Movie 2016 IMDb Ratings : 5.9/10

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  1. I just don’t bother what others are saying, this is an awesome movie only for action scenes. For rest of the story and acting, simply horrible. But what a skill this guy is having and creating such a movie in Bollywood is simply awesome.

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