Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Reviews and Ratings

Batman vs Superman Movie review and ratings 2016
Batman vs Superman Movie review and ratings 2016

Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Reviews and Ratings

Neither ‘Batman’ nor ‘Superman’ boost my adrenaline rush except ‘Wonder Women’

Batman vs Superman Movie review and ratings 2016
Batman vs Superman Movie review and ratings 2016

Ever since the release of 1st official teaser of Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice revealed by Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube channel, it went viral on social networking sites & made fans unstoppable to ‘build castles in the air’ about the release date. Although, it released almost a year ago but it seems like the iconic trailers/spoilers/tv spots shook my expectations especially after watching the movie.

Watch the Trailer of Batman Vs Superman Below :

Batman V Superman – Plot :

The beginning projects the life of younger Bruce Wayne gets dampen due to emotional loss of his parents later, his enterprise in Gotham City left devastated whilst the ongoing war between the alien god Superman (aka Clark Kent) with his ancestral species (General Zod) in Metropolis (as shown in Man of Steel) still remembered as a controversial figure even after 2 years. The world feels endangered while Gotham’s vigilante Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) framing Superman as a matter of the threat to humankind for the destruction and mass casualties.

Lex Luthor, a young businessman, CEO of Lex Corp. emerges as a 3rd party struggling to recover Kryptonite (green radioactive element believing to weaken the powers of Superman) lying beneath the Indian Ocean. In the meantime, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) infiltrates in LexCorp’s database to retrieve data drive later stolen by Diana Prince (aka Wonder Women). After getting back the drive, Bruce realized that Lex is on a pursuit of the secret investigation of superpowers like Flash, Wonder Women, Cyborg, Aquaman. An attempt by Batman to retrieve Kryptonite from the possession of Luthor led to an aggressive fight with Superman acting as the obstacle.

Realizing the accession of Kryptonite under Bruce, Lex blackmailed Superman to fight with Batman as Martha Kent (Clark’s adoptive mother) was kept as the hostage. In a fit of rage, Batman assaulted & nearly killed Superman but, stopped after Superman pleaded to help his mother. On the contrary, Batman rescued Martha while Superman confronted Doomsday, a deadly evil monster created by Lex using Kryptonite technology.

The epic battle witnessed Batman, Superman & Wonder Women uniting to save the world from their enemy “Doomsday” with the interruption by US Senator launches a nuclear missile.

Batman V Superman Movie Direction :

Zack Snyder narrates the storyline using infinite pauses especially when the suspense/mystery is revolved around the characters. He adds freshness to the cameo appeared characters of Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg hinting the possibility of their major role in the sequel titled as “Justice League” releasing on Nov. 16, 2017.

Before the interval, the plot unravels around the characters seems boring & meaningless. After the interval, fights between the characters are up to mark along with the pleasing visual effects. I ‘ll still complain regarding the lackluster of action sequences in the 2 hr & 30-minute length film.

Batman V Superman Characters :

The new version of masculine Batman played by Ben Affleck impressed the audiences heart while Superman reprise by Henry Cavill looses the charm he earlier played in “Man of Steel”. Gal Gadot playing Wonder Women came as a surprise & overpowered the screen presence at the end. Lex Luthor characterized by Jesse Eisenberg can be considered as average.

Background Score :

The background score by Hans Zimmer is commendable for adding soft yet emotional appeal to the film. Even when the scenes looks monotonous, background music managed to elevate the viewer’s interest. I could personally relate to emotions like a threat, strength, failure, desperation, insanity,etc.

Conclusion :

Whether to watch it or not? Well, before the theatrical release several trailers & spoilers on YouTube notched up my expectations to cloud nine. I thought there’s much more inside the film apart from the mesmerizing approach of teasers. Sadly, the movie neither met mine nor the expectations of the other viewers seated beside me.

Batman Vs Superman Review & Ratings :

Altogether, I rate Batman Vs Superman 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.

If you have watched Batman v Superman Movie then please rate the movie out of 5. Drop your ratings in the comment section below.

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IMDB Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Reviews and Ratings : 7.6/10

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