Dussehra or Vijayadashami-22 October, What is it exactly?

Happy Dussehra 2015
Happy Dussehra 2015

Dussehra or Vijayadashami-22 October, What is it exactly?

The name Dussehra was derived from the Sanskrit word Dasha-Hara which means Dashana Ravan in short Dasha & Hara means defeat. Dussehra refers to the victory of Lord Rama over 10 headed demon king Ravana.

Dussehra like other festivals is also important Hindu’s festival & is celebrated across various countries like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh & Srilanka but in different forms.

Dussehra also remarks the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon name Mahishasur as the Goddess herself fought with evil for 9 nights & 10 days. 20days after Dussehra, Diwali which is also known as festival of lights is celebrated.


According to Hindu Lunisolar Calendar Vijayadashami is celebrated in  on 10th day of month of Ashwin which corresponds to September or October according to the Gregorian calendar & the 1st nine days are celebrated as Navaratri’s and 10th day is celebrated as Dussehra. In India & Nepal harvest season starts during this period as they believe that the Mother Goddess reactive & vigor the fertility of the soil. The people observe through food offerings & social gatherings to Gods in temples & also at home throughout Nepal & India.

Victory of Lord Rama Over evil Ravana:-

King Rama also called Shri Ram the 7th avatar of Vishnu killed Ravana who abducted his wife Sita to his kingdom Lanka. Rama & his brother Lakshmana & his followers Hanuman & his army fought a great battle with Ravana & his army to rescue Sita.

Rama defeated Ravana & rescued Sita on the day of Ashvin Shukal Dashami. According to Valmiki’s Ramanaya, Tulsidas’s Ram Charit Manas, Kalidas’s  Raghuvamsa & Keshavdas’s Ram Chandra Yas Chandrika Ram, Sita & Lakashmana returned to their home Ayodhya on 30th day of Ashwin. On the return of Rama the residents of Ayodhya lit city with millions of deepak (earthern lamps) from that day this, day is celebrated as Diwali.

Victory of Durga Mata over Mahishasura:-

Some of Asuras or demons were very powerfull at that time & ambitious & continually tried to defeat Gods or Devas & wanted to capture heaven. At that time one Asura Mahishasura grew powerfull & created havoc at that time on earth & under his leadership Asuras defeated the Devas. After that the Devas joined their into Shakti to kill Mahushasura. Then a powerful band of light comes out of the mouth of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva & due to this a young female virgin with 10 hands appeared. & all Gods give her their special powers. That Shakti named as Durga, riding on a lion, Durga fought Mahishasura.

Ashok Vijaya Dashmi;-

In India the Ambedkarite people this festival as Ashok Vijaya Dashmi as the Ashoka the Mauryan Emperor was believed to converted to Buddhism this day. Also in Nagpur in 1956 Dr. Ambedkar had converted to Buddhism on this day which fell on 14th October that year.

By the followers of Dr. Ambedkar Vijaya Dashmi is celebrated all over India. In Nagpur, Maharashtra people did not burn an effigy of Ravana at that time in Nagpur a great festival is held where millions of people gather & remember Dhhamma-Chakra Pravartan done by Dr. Ambedkar & celebrate Ashoka Vijaya Dashmi.

Dussehra is tomorrow and will be celebrated all over the country, Globaletimes wishes you all “Happy Dussehra 2015, 22 October”

Article By: Ripum Gupta

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