Fitness: A multi-dimensional trait of our body

fitness an art of mind
fitness an art of mind Credits: Unsplash

Fitness: A multi-dimensional trait of our body.

Fitness an Art of Mind

In almost every magazine, YouTube channel, mobile app., social media, etc. the term “fitness” is evolving in every sphere of globe & inspiring millions to adapt it as a healthy lifestyle. The fitness world (mainly bodybuilders) is gaining popularity and homogonous support from the young blood as its potential market. Nowadays, every single guy hits a gym to personify his aesthetic personality, but very few embrace this kind of routine/ lifestyle on a practical note. Many folks blindly follow the workout regime of gym with a hope to acquire well toned physique that too in a much less duration to impress their peers/ fellow mates. It has resulted in a following ways:

  • Gymholics are constantly focusing on their physicality rather working equally for their mind leading to a dumb personality with a zero aptitude level.
  • Relying on steroids & bodybuilding supplements as a source of gaining a hulk size body which simply reduces their life span as stated by world’s best nutrition health specialists.
  • Channelizing their effort in bullying, indulging in mafia gangs, eve teasing, threatening the social community, etc.
  • Ruining their current youthful energy and mind by not having any vision/dream.

The above ways doesn’t primarily focus on spreading negative vibes, just a crux of the excessive lust towards lifting mighty weights. Fitness doesn’t even restraint oneself to gym but, open other workout doors like jogging, aerobics, dancing, arranging domestic chores, etc. The insane magic spread by some freaking bodybuilders somewhere contributes over enthusiasm and passion of becoming a monster/hulk.

I’m too addicted of gym and plans everyday to architect a ‘diamond cut body’. At the same time, I study/read a lot of books/knowledgeable facts to smarten up my brain cells. A balance between smart mind and a tuff body always nurtures the best traits of our personality. A good communicator tends to impress more people than just flexing muscles, that’s why one with an expressive mind knows how to present his/herself and score more among the audience. Besides, fitness does wonders in the same case too.

Hope the present generation gets motivated by the article and realize the true essence of a well toned physique is as similar as a smarter mind. If mind is healthy, it automatically activates the right direction for the body to push its limits. So, let’s take a pledge of educating every Indian to master the life skills to formulate better lifestyle by upgrading oneself at every consecutive level.

Article by: Rohan (LPU, Jalandhar)

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