Fox Studios releasing “X MEN: APOCALYPSE” on 20th May in India

x-men apocalypse
x-men apocalypse

Fox Studios releasing “X MEN: APOCALYPSE” on 20th May in India



The initial phase of 2016 brought a big smile not only in terms of prime Hollywood releases in India but, cashing heavy box office records leaving behind few domestic (Bollywood movies) releases itself. After science fiction yet superhero oriented action flicks like ‘Batman vs Superman ‘Dawn of Justice, Captain America ‘Civil War’, It’s time to embrace our mutant forces in the upcoming X men series –  X MEN: APOCALYPSE!

What so high about X fever

  • X men: Apocalypse is the 9th successive installment in the X men series; a sequel to blockbuster X men : Days of Future Past released back in 2014.
  • The origin of Mutants like Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Beast, Cyclops adds a backdrop of emotional touch & sacrifice in their personal lives.
  • They act as protectors of the world order but, often gets backfired by the ever changing ideologies of human civilization stating their existence as a threat.
  • All the characters possess unique traits and instinctive powers which adds visually appealing cinematic experience.
  • Wolverine, a 3 clawed enraged mutant tends to remain as evergreen character for his kickass masculine attitude that connects hugely with our desi audience.

Why this part can’t be missed

  • Since the awestruck response of Days of future past worldwide with even critics praising for its story, action, visual effects, thematic elements.
  • Many having a saying that Apocalypse might be the concluding part in the franchise X men series since no sequel or further continuation of plot has been announced by the filmmaker.
  • The initial trailer went viral around 5 months generating over 49 +  million views till date.
  • I don’t think moviegoers will compare it with either Bat. Vs Sup. or Civil War as the story and graphics are pure + original.
  • The ensemble includes reboot of mutants like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Night crawler, Psylocke, Storm hence, balancing the amalgamation of new as well as old characters.
  • After ‘Days of Future Past’ grossed more than 740 million USD worldwide collection back in 2014, this one should reach near to 1 billion USD.

Watch the Trailer of X-Men: Apocalypse | Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Projection of Apocalypse

  • If you still doubt it, check all the posters, graphic images, GIF, etc. This antagonist surely exhilarates your adrenaline rush once it open this Friday.
  • Just look at the dreadful, threatening, gigantic villain ‘Apocalypse’. It will be quite interesting to witness the epic battle between him & newly recruit mutants aka X men.
  • The costume of the world’s first & most powerful mutant is designed with perfection exuberating the ancient civilization of Egypt.
  • Low pitched, tech accustomed voice suits perfectly to the tone of villainous character. Dialogues like “Only the strong will survive” or “From the ashes of the world, we build a better one” too adds thematic element to the movie.
  • I remember, Bryan Singer (director) posted several pics from the making of this film way back in 2015. If you check his Instagram profile, you’ll get to know he’s been uploading pics from the sets of movie. Even, the process of what goes into the preparation of Apocalypse can be viewed.

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