Getting Started with GRE Exam Preparation

Getting Started With GRE Exam Preparations
Getting Started With GRE Exam Preparations

Getting Started with GRE Exam Preparation

Everything you should know About GRE and How to Crack GRE

Introduction to Graduate Record Examination – GRE

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a test conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS) since 1949. This exam is not based on any specific field of study it is a general exam required for most of graduate programs except Medical School and Law School. It aims at testing Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning of the examine. It is used by most of graduate universities in U.S.A. and many other countries like Canada, Australia, and U.K. etc.

GRE is considered as a prerequisite exam for many courses in U.S. universities. But the weightage given to GRE during admission process varies largely from just being a criteria to important factor for granting admission.

This exam can be taken as A Computer Based Test (CBT) or paper Based Test. Computer based test can be taken multiple times in a year. But there are certain restrictions such as a candidate cannot give a CBT for 21 days after giving it once. Paper based test can be given thrice a year multiple times.

There was major change in GRE exam pattern in Aug 2011, in which the scale was changed fto 130-170 from 200-800. Another important change was it was changed from adaptive question-by-question to section-by-section exam. Which means the two section what we have in verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning have different difficulty level.

For an Instance as there are two sections in quantitative reasoning, the first section will have random difficulty level but the difficulty level of second section increases and the score in first section id higher. Same applies to verbal reasoning also.

GRE consists of 5 Measures:-

  1. Analytical Writing.
  2. Verbal Reasoning. (2 Sections)
  3. Quantitative Reasoning. (2 Sections)
  4. Unscored.
  5. Research

GRE begins by Analytical Writing Section which has time of 60 minutes in which candidate has to type two essays. This is followed by next five sections which include Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning and unscored section which all together will appear randomly and the score of unscored section will not be added to final GRE score. Final Research section is optional the candidate can skip this section if he/she is not interested. This all amounts to 3hrs. And 45min. Of total exam time.

Analytical Writing and Quantitative Reasoning have 40 questions each. Their score ranges from 130-170 with an increment of 1 point for every correct answer. AWM Score scale is from 0-6.

GRE can be given by anyone. There is no prerequisite for giving exam. As it is a general test it is same for Engineering and all other courses. Fees for giving GRE is around 195$ and registration can be done on official ETS website.

This is just the Overview of GRE Exam, Read our further articles also in which we tell you How to crack GRE and from where and how to Start the Gre Exam Preparation.


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