How NIT Srinagar became the most Militarized Institute in India

Nit Srinagar Issue
Nit Srinagar Issue

How NIT Srinagar became the most Militarized Institute in India

Nit Srinagar Issue
Nit Srinagar Issue .

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From Engineering to Aazadi and Bharat Mata Ki Jai: A tale of how NIT Srinagar became the most militarized institute in India.

Here is the Full Story of NIT Srinagar, What actually happened in NIT Srinagar, What is NIT Srinagar Issue.

I recently called one of my friends who is a student at NIT Srinagar and asked him about the current situation there. I wasn’t surprised with what he had to say as I believe we Kashmiri’s are stupid enough to act like that but then again that was half the story. He was posting stuff about J&K police and how they beat them inside the college premises on Facebook.

It is astonishing that how India’s semi-final defeat landed all sorts of trouble at NIT Srinagar which has been free from all these nuisances right from the start and survived the turmoil of 90’s, 2008, 2011 and all those issues where rest of India was viewing Kashmir as a Nazi camp for non-Muslims. The story gets even darker when a non-local girl accused Kashmiri’s of rape. My friend told me that how local students started celebrating the victory of West Indies over India by burning crackers and shouting Aazadi slogans and then later how college canteen workers started harassing them.

The next day they organized a protest against the locals and canteen workers and all those who were celebrating India’s defeat. The situation turned worse and some local college students started chanting slogans of Aazadi and at this point the local police took on to lathi-charge. Then the CRPF was dispersed right into the college campus and the college was turned into the most militarized campus in India, probably in the world, with two armed personnel for five students.

Political one liners were thrown straightaway right from the mainstream group to the separatist camp and vice-versa. Finally, the students of NIT have currently signed a petition for evacuation. Many students were even suggesting that NIT Srinagar should be shifted to a different location.

In India freedom of expression is a sensitive topic. People might get into trouble over the remarks or opinions they hold. In Kashmir, it is even more troublesome to hold opinions than what the rest of the population has but overall Kashmiri’s are more tolerant than the rest of Indians. We might start a fight but we don’t kill people for holding opinions different than ours. We have enough stupidity to cheer for Pakistan Cricket Team whenever they defeat India and then get beaten like dogs. However we don’t beat people to death in our nation. We know the value of one’s life and respect his opinions.

The recent situation in NIT Srinagar is a proof to that. When India lost to West Indies in the semi-finals of the world T20 some students were stupid enough to fire crackers and provoke 89% non-local population of NIT who probably were underneath their warm blankets. What followed next is interesting as well as ironic.

Ironic because of the fact local students were beaten again by non-locals, this time in the heart of Kashmir. Interesting because a whole new story has been formed out of it and Kashmiri’s are again looking like the villains here. Yes, you read it right Kashmiri students were beaten by non-locals as well as J&K police.

Last week I met another friend of mine, who is a student of civil engineering at NIT Srinagar, had bruises on his hands and buttocks. Isn’t it a joke to even suggest that nearly 300 people would beat a non-local population of 3000? What media, both social as well as other forms are showing is a shorter version of some south movie where one guy beats an entire town without even getting a scratch?

Again the girl that accuses us of rape threats is unaware of the fact that Kashmir has one of the lowest rape rates in India. She is making fun of her in front of the entire intellectual population of India.

It is a very sensitive issue out of which a completely different political game is being played by everyone for their own benefits. People who want to shift this institute just want another bullet in their arsenal which they can fire at the time of elections.

When Kashmiri’s felt threatened in Chandigarh previously they were stripped of their degrees and many were even beaten to death. No such mass evacuation was organized for them. Even today Kashmiri’s are under the hammer.

The issue that is being made out of this is why Indian National flag isn’t allowed to be unfurled inside the campus? The issue boils up at this point because unfurling national flag of India has never been a problem in Kashmir, it is done on Republic day, Independence day and currently India flag is waving at the civil secretariat in the heart of Kashmir but when Kashmiri ego is to be compromised then nationalists must back away and understand the situation as they should’ve during Amaranth land row.

Not only are locals under fire but Jammu and Kashmir police as well. The department has been accused of being supportive to local cause of beating the non local students of NIT. What we fail to understand is that policemen are like that all over the nation. Even if you are fighting for a good cause they would beat you because they have been asked to do so. A prime example of this is the Nirbhaya case where police brutally manhandled every protestor. Our policemen are as Indian as you are.

Kashmiri students are feeling threatened throughout the nation. Recently, a group of students was beaten at some place in Rajasthan to avenge the non-locals at NIT Srinagar. This type of behavior is only leading us into more trouble. The current scene at NIT Srinagar is that the non-locals aren’t attending any classes and are feeling threatened by locals. However, no local has the time to avenge anyone or beat anyone. The rest of India has a perspective of us being a tribal community whose only dream is to fight Indians with stones. We are normal people like you. We have our jobs, schools to attend and colleges and universities as well. It is only the black sheep of our community which are portrayed as our leaders or representatives.

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