Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 Review and IMDb Ratings

Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 review
Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 review

Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 Review and IMDb Ratings

Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 review
Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 review   Credits: ibtimes.co.uk

Kapoor and Sons Movie was released on 18th March 2016. And most of the guys neglected this movie and watched Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Rocky Handsome. But after watching Kapoor and Sons I was shocked that Kapoor and sons is the best movie than Batman Vs Superman and Rocky Handsome.

Kapoor and Sons is the best movie of this month (march). If you haven’t watched Kapoor and Sons then i would suggest you to watch this movie asap.

Here is my full detailed Review of Kapoor and Sons

Kapoor and Sons Movie Review !

Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 review
Kapoor and Sons Movie 2016 review

Kapoor family is rich at heart, high in spirit & incredibly the best family ever seen

Ever wondered what it takes to define your family “home sweet home”, this beautiful quote embodies an exhausted journey traveled with compromises, bitterness, ugly tiffs, misunderstandings, reuniting the lost love, etc. Literally, it seems easier for youngsters like me to utter ‘all is well that ends well’ if asked about our own family.

Kapoor and Sons Movie Plot :

The movie begins with a couple, Harsh Kapoor (Rajat Kapoor) & Sunita Kapoor (Ratna Pathak) throwing a nasty tiff on each other while their funny grandfather aka dadu (Rishi Kapoor) suddenly when he collapsed down with a heart attack. After knowing the critical condition of dadu, 2 estranged brothers namely Rahul Kapoor (Fawad Khan) & Arjun Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra) came back at their homeland (Conoor) after a while from separate destinations. Family reunites at a dinner where Rahul being a perfect son is pampered for his mature behavior, established carrier as a writer making Arjun jealous of his brother’s success. Arjun gets scolded for his shaky work interests balancing his part time job from a bartender to running a website.

Happiness bounce back when dadu meets both sons further expressing his 2 utmost desire before death – To be buried in an army burial along with his old friends & having a family photograph clicked under the title “Kapoor & Sons since 1921”. Arjun hit Tia (Alia Bhatt) at his friend’s party later becoming good friends while Rahul visits a old property which he plans to own belonging to Tia. Dadu is discharged from the hospital inviting a party thrown by family members. Happiness dipped into hatred when Annu (Harsh’s extra marital affair) greets everyone resulting Sunita letting out her anger and spoiling the party.

Bitter secrets are revealed when Dadu’s attempt of getting a family photograph went in vain. Unfortunately, Harsh died in a car accident while receiving Sunita’s call in a fit of rage.

Both the sons parted away to resume their career abandoning their mother & dadu all alone. After few months, they all reunited once again on dadu’s request over a video message for a family picture.

Kapoor and Sons Movie Direction:

Shakun Batra narrates the story of a dysfunctional family in a modest yet light hearted mood and let the magic of emotions floating away. He superbly executes every character in a spontaneous way. All credit to the editing team for keep the pace fast by unraveling the set of emotions one after the other.

Kapoor and Sons Movie Cinematography

The art of camera movement is what defines a well crafted camera person who understands the direction in which a story is heading. Beautiful locations of Conoor as projected in the film may lure viewers to throng the place. All kudos to “Jeffery F. Bierman” for leveling the appeal of the film.

Kapoor and Sons Movie Characters

Every character seems to be well tailored by the director. Fawad Khan (as Rahul Kapoor) a perfect family guy won my heart. Alia Bhatt (as Tia Malik) too mesmerizes with her liveliness & chubby yet flirtatious behavior. Sidharth Malhotra (as Rahul Kapoor) was as familiar as the person in real life. Rajat Kapoor (as Harsh Kapoor) truly justifies the role of a father facing financial crises. Ratna Pathak (as Sunita Kapoor) was never seen before as a responsible mother. Rishi Kapoor (as dadu) is the USP of the film. At this stage of his career, he experiments with his characters with great ease & excellence.

Kapoor and Sons Movie Conclusion

If you haven’t watched it or looking for a happy weekend, then this movie is surely going to win your heart. A perfect family entertainer, to be loved by all age groups.

Kapoor and Sons Movie My Ratings

I have rated Kapoor and Sons Movie : 4 out of 5 stars.

IBDb Kapoor and Sons Movie Review & Ratings:

IMDb has rated Kapoor and Sons : 8.5/10

Watch the Kapoor and Sons Movie Trailer Below:

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