Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Winner – 88th Academy awards 2016-Best Actor Nominees

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar award pic
Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar award pic

Leonardo DiCaprio the Oscar Winner – 88th Academy awards 2016, The Best Actor Nominees

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar award pic (Leo)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Leo). Image Credits: Theodysseyonline


The most awaited 88th Academy awards (Oscars), 2016 wraps up on a jubilant note which too witnessed the star-studded night, unexpected nominations of movies, the impending moment for Leo fans & environmental as well as climatic concern speech by the Revenant actor ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’. All is well that ends well perhaps the suitable quote applied to this deserving winner who’s been dreaming about it while working tirelessly from past 27 years with sheer craft & honesty.

The protagonist face behind some of the masterpiece like Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, Shutter Island, The Departed, etc. The Hollywood star is known for playing substantial & unparalleled roles having meaty characters unlike any other actor of his caliber whether it was a vulnerable Gatsby (The Great Gatsby); villainous Calvin Candie (Django Unchained); escapist Dom Cobb (Inception); or survivor Hugh Glass (The Revenant). With every movie, he attempts to experiment with humungous characters portraying an all new different person surrounding in stories full of mystery, drama, romance, action reflecting larger than life on screen. He’s popularly renowned as ‘Titanic Wala hero’ by Indian moviegoers who find it quite hard to spell his actual name.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Award Pic
Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Award Pic Via Forbes

Now, an active philanthropist & environmentalist, the 1st ever Oscar winner emphasized the need to oversee the climatic change happening across the world & the urgent measures to be taken to support the environmentalists/social workers striving hard to prevent the big polluters/major corporations. Such a thanksgiving speech at this platform is what Leo expected since long. It was indeed a night worth with honors where humanitarian approach matters more than accolades. This actor/producer /philanthropist/environmentalist is an epitome of pure talent incorporated with a sense of humanity which merely is visualized in glamorous yet glossy movie world.

Leonardo DiCaprio was on the list of best Actor Nominees and everyone was excited to see him getting the Oscar award because Leo really deserves that.

Leonardo DiCaprio the Oscar Winner – 88th Academy awards 2016

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