Mahatma Gandhi (BAPU) History – Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Gandhi (BAPU) History – Gandhi Jayanti
Mahatma Gandhi (BAPU) History – Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Gandhi (BAPU) History – Gandhi Jayanti

Today is Gandhi Jayanti and on behalf of this we are going to tell you something about Mahatma Gandhi.

Here is the Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s History

Mohandas karamchand Gandhi is the full name of Mahatma Gandhi and was born on 2nd October in year 1869 in vaish family of Gujarat. Mahatma Gandhi’s father was dewan of his state Rajkot and her mother was a Hindu lady with orthodox views. Gandhi ji married Kasturba at the age of 13 & has a sheer dedication to his mother land. Mahatma Gandhi was a preacher of non-violence, symbol of peace & truth. To study law Mahatma Gandhi went to England after his schooling.

Mahatma Gandhi practiced law in S.A (South Africa), Gandhi ji started Satyagraha for Indian rights. Indians in S.A were deprive of their civic rights & there was persecution of Indians also. Gandhi ji in South Africa raise his voice against cruelty & injustice done on the Indians. He was arrested there & also imprisoned but Gandhi ji did not give in. Gandhi ji was a stenner stuff & went on the fighting for the rights of the Indians they wanted.  After all this Mahatma Gandhi come back to India & re-organized Indian National Congress. In 1919 Mahatma Gandhi raised his voice & protest against General Dyer for shooting innocent men children & women. Gandhi ji rejected forthright the reforms of 1919 and started “Mass Satyagraha” & imprisoned for 6 years. Long imprisonment did not daunt him and grab his spirit, decided to free India from British rule. Gandhi Ji was prepared for any sacrifice & even for the worst & mediated long time on the scene of India’s poverty& bondage. Gandhi ji was just like a prophet as he had influenced life of millions of people.

Mahatma Gandhi played a vital role in the independence of India. It was a miracle that India gained his freedom without spelling a single drop of blood it was possible because of Mahatma Gandhi. He was the one who changed history of India & move & shake the whole world. Gandhi ji conquest was a conquest of hearts of millions of people & wanted to bring heaven kingdom on earth.


On 30th January 1994, Gandhi ji was assassinated in the garden of Birla house at 5:17pm. Gandhi ji on his way to his prayer with his grandnieces, when Nathuram Godse fired 3 bullets in his chest with 9mm pistol. Mahatma Gandhi death was mourned nationwide.


The ashes were to be spread over river by Hindu tradition but Gandhi ji ashes were poured into urns sent throughout India for Memorial services.

Current impact of Gandhi ji in India:-

According to a reporter Jim Yardley “Morden India is hardly a Gandhian nation” as Morden India rejected Gandhi ji economics but accepted his politics and continues to reverse his memory.

2nd October is declared as national holiday and celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. 30th January is commemorated as Martyr’s day. Temples are dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi located in India. One of which is located in Sambalpur in Orissa & other is located in Chikmagalur district in Karnataka.

You can also take this article for Speech on Mahatma Gandhi in Schools and Colleges.

Persons like Gandhi ji are immortal, his memory lives as long as the world lives. The upcoming gen. Cherish his memory with love & respect.

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  1. Hello Sumesh.
    This is really awesome. I’ve heard a lot about Mahatma Gandhi but has never read his history and I’m glad i was able to achieve that on your blog.

    Mahatma like many others was indeed a Hero and we need his types in our modern world today because if we still have his type in every country today, the world will indeed be a better place.

    Thanks for sharing.

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