Smart Spends (ET Money): Money Manager, a smart way to track your monthly expenses

Smart Spends: Money Manager, a smart way to track your monthly expenses

ET Money Review
ET Money Review

Smart Spends: Money manager a smart way to track your monthly expenditure. Smart Spends: Money Manager app is developed by Times Internet Limited and will help you to smartly manage spends, investments, bills and save money with personalized offers.

ET Money
ET Money

Smart Spends: Money Manager will allow the user to

  • Instantly know where the user’s money is going.
  • Track the user’s investment and get accountable insights.
  • Easily find best mutual funds to grow user’s money.
  • Get rid of late bill charges.
  • Get suggestions on best card to use to save more money.
  • Get offers that make sense to you.
  • Get crisp overview of user’s expenditure every week and month.

Features of Smart Spends: Money Manager application

ET Money
ET Money

Track your monthly/daily spends automatically

This app will free the user from the burden of managing all his/her expenses. Smart Spends: Money manager is an advanced expenditure tracker and will automatically merges all your spends in one place then arranges them according to their category. This happens without any manual input and there is absolutely no need of providing any sensitive details like bank credentials etc.

ET Money
ET Money

Never miss a bill payment

Smart Spend: Money Manager application will automatically create a calendar for bills, which will remind you of the dates on which you have to pay a specific bill. So, if you had a habit of forgetting the last dates of paying bills this app is there to save your day.

Save more with Net Banking

Smart Spends: Money Manager will help user to save almost 20% on every expenditure if you use your debit card or credit card correctly. This is because Smart Spends: money Manager app will automatically suggest you the cards which have the maximum discount offer and user can save more money.

Save money with every Purchase

ET Money
ET Money

While the user is purchasing some specific items, Smart Spends; Money Manager application will select all the relevant items and will display it on the user’s smartphone display to save the user’s money. This system will ensure that user will save the maximum amount of money while shopping whether be it online shopping, booking movie tickets or paying the restaurant bill with the card.

Smart Spends: Money Manager is absolutely safe. This application is secured with a 4 fold protection.

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