Toyota Innova Crysta and Mahindra XUV Comparison, Review

Toyota Innova Crysta Vs Mahindra XUV Comparison, Review and Which One to Choose from Xuv and Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta Vs Mahindra XUV
Toyota Innova Crysta Vs Mahindra XUV

Toyota Innova Crysta and Mahindra XUV Comparison and Review. If you are confused between Toyota Innova Crysta and Mahindra XUV500, there are some points which you should know about both the cars that will clear your confusion. So, here are some factors which should be considered before you book your car.

Innova Crysta which is an improvised version of Innova and  is  lot more stylish, having more muscular design and lot more comfort than its predecessor Innova.  But with the launch of automatic version of XUV in November 2015, XUV has now become a good competition for Innova Crysta.

On Road Price

The starting price of Innova Crysta is 14.2 Lac and the top variant of Crysta has a price tag of 21.1 Lac. Now when it comes to Mahindra XUV500, this car is slightly cheaper than Innova Crysta with a starting price of 12.2 Lac and the top variant comes with a price tag of 18.2 Lac.


Now for those who don’t care about the little ups and downs in the price tag, there are some other factors that should be considered.


Toyota Innova Crysta Vs Mahindra XUV
Toyota Innova Crysta Vs Mahindra XUV

Toyota Innova Crysta has a 2.4-litre 147bhp 16V GD Engine which will generate a maximum torque upto 343Nm at 1400-2800 rpm and a maximum power upto 147.8bhp at 3400 rpm. The Mahindra XUV 500 has a 2.0-litre 140bhp 16V mHawk Diesel Engine which will generate a maximum torque upto 320Nm at 1600-2800rpm and maximum power upto 140bhp at 3750rpm.


Now in terms of performance Innova Crysta has better power than XUV500.


The mileage of Toyota Innova Crysta is 15.4 kmpl while as the fuel tank capacity is 55 Litres. Whereas Mahindra XUV has a mileage of about 16 kmph and the fuel tank capacity of Mahindra XUV is 70 litres.


Now there isn’t much difference in the mileage of both the cars but the difference between fuel tank capacities is very huge. Mahindra XUV has a greater fuel tank capacity which is an advantage over Innova Crysta. For those who are wanderers, Mahindra XUV is the best option.

Comfort And Safety

Both the cars have automatic versions, ABS, rear ac vents, driver air bag and other safety sensors. So, both the cars hold the same position in terms of comfort and safety.


Both cars have almost same safety measures and comfort.

Design and Interior

Both the cars have almost different design. There is nothing to compare. Both cars have muscular body and a sporty look also. Now when it comes to interior Innova Crysta is lot more spacious than Mahindra XUV 500. The class that a car of this segment should have, Toyota Innova Crysta has it all. This classiness will make you feel good irrespective of your position in the car i.e. whether you ate sitting at the driver’s seat or some other seat in the car. The Innova Crysta has rich materials in the interior like leather and wood. The premium plastics in the car also add to the good interior design.

Toyota Innova Crysta Vs Mahindra XUV - Interior (Dashboard)
Toyota Innova Crysta – Interior (Dashboard)
xuv interior - dashboard
xuv interior – dashboard

The XUV 500 has a older design as the XUV was first launched in 2011. The dashboards and the panels are on the verge of becoming outdated. However the new automatic version of XUV which was launched in November 2015 has some interesting features but Toyota Innova leads in the interior section.


Innova Crysta leads in the design and interior section. Spacious interior, Rich materials like leather, wood and premium plastic used which makes its interior interesting.

Ease of Driving

Both the cars have good ride quality. But when it comes to bumps in the road the Innova Crysta deals with it better than XUV 500. Being a passenger car the suspension of Innova Crysta deals great with the bumps.

When it comes to park the vehicle at tight spots, the Mahindra XUV leads here because of its design. Innova Crysta is longer than XUV 500 so, there could face difficulties while parking the vehicle at tight spots. However both cars have rear parking cameras.

innova crysta back seat
innova crysta back seat

Handling of Innova Crysta is better than the XUV 500. Crysta has more body roll around corners this is because Crysta has heavier steering that is more direct than XUV 500. Both the cars offer same breaking but the braking system of XUV 500 is better than Innova Crysta.


XUV takes a lead over Crysta when it comes to drive the car in tight areas and a better breaking system than Crysta.

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