United States Defense Department joins Apple to work on Tech wearable

United States Defense Department joins with Apple to work on tech that will be wearable

The Defense Department of the United States will work with the organizations like Apple, Boeing, Harvard University and many more to develop flexible sensors and electronic gadgets that will be placed in the uniforms of the soldiers or installed of the navy ships or Air Force aircrafts.

This association which consists of the organizations like Apple, Boeing, Harvard University, MIT, Motorola, Qualcomm, New York University (NYU) and many more will be working on 3D printing that will allow to build bendable and very thin electronics which will match with the contours of the uniform of soldier, military vehicles and an aircraft. The alliance of these organization is called as FlexTech Alliance.

With the help of this technology the United States Defense Department will be able to monitor the health of soldiers. With this technology the soldiers will be aware of the real time information on their clothing. This technology will also help the U.S Defense Department to know the integrity, strength of the military vehicles, ships, and aircrafts. This technology which will be developed by the 162 organizations consortium will have the civilian uses. This technology will help to build medical devices for the people of country.

Ash Carter, who is the Defense Secretary said that this alliance between the different companies, universities and the government was certain to happen. It could not be avoided.

This plan will be managed under the supervision of U.S Air Force Research Laboratory. This plan will continue for over five years. During this time span this plan will be funded by the U.S Government and the consortium 162 member consortium. The U.S Government will invest $75 million and the consortium also called Flexible Hybrid Electronic Institute will contribute $90 million. The total funding to this plan will be over $171 million.

The activities of this consortium will also benefit the other fields also which will include automobiles, aviation technology, medical industry, healthcare, transportation, electronic devices and agriculture. Also the education and training will also be given more importance which will help to enlarge the available workspace.

The President and the CEO of the FlexTech Alliance, Michael Ciesinski said, “FlexTech is privileged to accept this award from the Defense Department to stand up and lead the FHE MII. Our partners collaborated on a superb proposal that links a national hub in San Jose to a network of centers of excellence throughout the U.S. We are excited by the FHE manufacturing challenge and eager to get operations underway.”

The Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE), has the potential to change the industry which includes the electronic device industry, medical industry, transportation industry. The institute will focus to engage the aspects of Integrated Circuits Industry, Graphics Printing Industry and electronic packaging/assembly Industry in order to be successful.

The FHE institute is a part of National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Program (NNMI). This program was started by the administration of Obama and the focus is to support advance manufacturing in the United States. This institute will bridge the gap between research and large scale production. This will also help to bring together the universities, companies and academic institutions. This will also be an opportunity to increase the employability scale. Manufacturing will provide jobs with a good salary at educational levels. This will increase the jobs in the fields like engineering, production, logistics and sales.

FlexTech is a leading industry association and is focusing more in the success, growth and production of electronic devices. This alliance gives the solution from Research and Development to Commercial Industries.

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